Holding Space for Your Inner Work

Supporting people through life changes and loss by offering presence, accountability, resources and resiliency skill building.

What brings you here?

Have you lost your way yet yearn to feel an inner spunk again?

Are you struggling with decision-making and trusting yourself?

Have you been through a big life transition or lost a loved one and feel confused about how you have changed as a result?

Do you find yourself asking: Is this normal to feel this way?

Are you numbing? Avoiding? Overworking or constantly staying busy? Using unhealthy habits to take you away from feeling?

Do you want to feel like yourself again but not sure how to get there?

Our work together will ensure you ...

Let’s work together
Navigating life transitions and loss alone is disorienting, overwhelming and lonely. I meet you wherever you are to listen, ask questions so you can see things from different perspectives, share resources (as helpful), and ultimately support you as you move through, not around what you are facing. I also work with people to explore shame, courage and vulnerability as well as cultivate stronger resiliency skills – because yes, life is always throwing new stuff at us!


Support through loss and transition


Support for getting started with mindfulness


Skills for resiliency and being brave

Some Kind Words

Mandy is truly one of the best listeners I have ever worked with. She will soak in every word of what YOU are saying and respond intentionally, thoughtfully, and without judgment. She seems to have a never-ending “toolbox” of masterfully crafted guidance to lead you in a direction of self-reflection, healing and problem-solving. I have worked with Mandy on a variety of issues including working through challenges in my personal relationships (going through a divorce, co-parenting), career challenges, and managing grief following the loss of my mom. What stands out most though, is how Mandy helped me through a cancer diagnosis by helping me to navigate my raw fear. Through all of our work together, Mandy has been trustworthy, encouraging, and empathetic. As your coach, Mandy will work with you patiently to find the clarity you need to move forward in whatever challenges or loss you face.

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